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Rycote – Special 60 Mini Windjammer

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The Mini Windjammer is a simple, lined, furry cover to fit over the microphone directly or it’s foam gag. They are used on and off camcorders to provide a cheap and effective protection against wind noise in high wind conditions. They may also be extremely useful as added wind protection for reporter or location microphones. Designed for semi-professional applications, they are made from similar materials to their big brothers (See Rycote Modular Microphone Windshields). They can give up to 30dB of wind-noise reduction when used over an existing foam windshield.They are available in several sizes; the small, medium and large with popper fastenings and the special sizes with draw-string fastening. Small size fits over Canford windshields C5/C8/C10, Medium size fits over C13.Size Rycote code Max diameter (1) Max length (1) Fibre lengthSmall 055301 30mm 30mm 10mmSmall, extended 055303 30mm 50mm 10mmMedium 055304 40mm 60mm 10mmMedium, extended 055305 40mm 75mm 10mmLarge 055306 40mm 100mm 10mmSpecial 60 055307 50mm 60mm 30mmSpecial 80 055308 50mm 80mm 30mmSpecial 90 055309 50mm 90mm 30mmSpecial 105 055310 50mm 105mm 30mmSpecial 130 055312 50mm 130mm 30mmSpecial 130 x 40 055313 40mm 130mm 30mmSpecial 160 055315 50mm 160mm 30mmSpecial 155 055314 50mm 155mm 30mmSpecial 190 055316 50mm 190mm 30mm