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Fitmin dog Purity Rice Senior & Light Venison & Lamb 2kg


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Dog Food Dog Fitmin Maxi Light 15kg; Karma super premium for dogs of large breeds with overweight and reduced activity Basic features: For large breed dogs & gt; 25 kg body weight. For animals less active after castration, sterilization. It prevents obesity. 70% of proteins consisting of: 69% of animal-derived components * 50% fresh chicken meat ° 16% of dried ingredients from chicken O 3 ingredients% of fish strengthens the joints and prevent injury – chondroitin sulphate and glucosamine. Formula anti-allergic – no wheat. Gentle digestion – for large breeds raised the amount of probiotics. Takes care of the teeth – the dental complex protection. He takes care of the liver – extract of rosemary do not contain soy or grains of genetically modified dogs large breed, such as Labrador, Golden Retrievers, Alaskan Malamute, Bernese Mountain Dog, German Shepherd, Great Dane, Rottweiler, Doberman, kuvasz, St. Bernard, Shepherd caucasian, tosa inu, cane corso, Argentine dog, amstaff, and many others have much lower energy requirements of small and medium breeds. Their diet should therefore be less caloric, because definitely lead less active lifestyles. Frequently called the dogs. molossers are used to defend the house and the rest of the day przesypiają. Such a life requires a proper diet. Fitmin Maxi Light have been targeted at the needs of large breed dogs, and little active animals after castration. Ubezpłodnienia treatment has a big impact on the endocrine dogs and thus their metabolism and activity. Therefore, after the treatment veterinarians proposes to introduce a low fat food – such as Fitimin Maxi light. Karma has a reduced fat content, is rich in animal proteins and most importantly, strengthens joints and bones. Due to the digestive problems of large breed dogs Fitmin feeds Max was supplemented with psyllium grandmother, dried beet pulp, yeasts, which support digestive function. Large and giant breed shortest living and aging takes place in them very quickly because food Fitmin Maxi has been enriched with vitamins and minerals, oil and elk – all these components not only increase the resistance, but also care about reducing the signs of aging. On the whole a healthy and low caloric diet – if your dog does not have a perceptible change his ribs feed the light Ingredients: poultry meat (fresh chicken meat 50%, dried chicken meat 12.8%, hydrolysed chicken liver 3%), rice, corn, dried beet pulp (7%), dried apple pomace (5%), chicken fat, fish meal (2%), flax seed, brewer’s yeast, eggs, chicken, salmon oil, fructooligosaccharides (0.2%) , plantain psyllium (0.1%), calcium carbonate, glucosamine sulfate (0.06%), chondroitin sulfate (0.05%) extract, yucca, a complex of natural antioxidants (0.02%), rosemary extract (0 , 01%).